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Justin Hamacher

Justin Hamacher

Loan Officer
NMLS# 1972211
9393 Forrestwood Ln., Suite B
Manassas,`2 VA 20110


My name’s Justin and I’m passionate about getting my clients into the homes of their dreams. I have a broad range of expertise and have helped dozens of families either purchase a new home or refinance their current mortgage. I have a lot of experience with FHA, Conventional, VA and USDA loans.

I am a father to five sons between the ages of 13 and 21. Yes, you read that correctly, five sons! My oldest son Ryan is a senior in college, my 2nd son Jake is a sophomore in college, my 3rd son Kyle is a high school senior, my 4th son Zack is a high school sophomore and my youngest son Will is in 8th grade. My wife, Stefanie and I have been blessed with 22 years of marriage and we have two mini labradoodles named Rusty and Shadow! And yes, you guessed it, they’re both boys!       

I am ordained as a pastor and love to serve the local church, when not working, I love to unwind outdoors. I’m an avid hiker and love kayaking and camping. I really love winter camping, especially in a hammock! Folks call us crazy, but my boys and I love it!

Are you looking to purchase a new home or refinance your current mortgage? Or maybe you just want to know how I get through the day with five sons. Whatever the reason, contact me today.

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