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How to Get Ready for Football Season Feature Image
Posted on September 5, 2023 6 minute read

How to Get Ready for Football Season

What's in this article?

Football-themed living room
Football party decor 
Football-inspired home accessories
Game-day essentials
Outdoor football decor
Get ready for the football season with Homefinity

Football season is always a thrilling time for fans, as it brings people together to cheer on their favorite teams and enjoy the camaraderie of friends. 

We also know that the annual return to the gridiron is a wonderful excuse to gather friends and family together in your own home.

We’ll check out some simple and effective ways of getting ready for football season, from transforming your living room into a football haven to incorporating game day essentials and hosting memorable football parties. 

Football-themed living room

Transforming your living room or TV den into a football-themed arena is a great way to show your team spirit and create an inviting atmosphere for game days. 

Football themed wallpapers

Choose from a curated selection of football wallpapers to add a touch of excitement to your walls. From stunning player shots to colorful fan art, these wallpapers will showcase your love for the game in style.

Football-inspired pillows and carpets

Incorporate football-inspired throw pillows and carpets into your living room to add comfort and a touch of team pride. Look for designs featuring football motifs, team logos, or even your favorite players to personalize your space.

Team colors and memorabilia

Show off your team spirit by incorporating your team’s colors into your living room decor. This can be achieved through accent pieces, such as throw blankets, curtains, or even wall art. 

Additionally, display your favorite team memorabilia, such as signed jerseys, helmets, or photographs, to create a unique and personalized football haven.

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Football party decor 

Hosting football parties is a fantastic way to bring friends and family together to enjoy the excitement of the game. Look to these tips to help you create the perfect football party atmosphere.

Create a go-to menu of football fan favorites

Plan a menu that includes easy-to-eat, crowd-pleasing dishes such as nachos, tacos, soft pretzels, pizza, wings, and burgers. 

Don’t forget to offer a variety of dips, like spinach and artichoke dip, beer cheese, buffalo chicken, and guacamole. Be sure to include healthier options as well, like a winter salad, baked chicken fingers, or a crudité platter with house-made hummus or dill dip.

Set up multiple entertaining spaces

Design your party space with multiple seating areas to encourage conversation and flow. Consider creating separate zones for different activities, such as a game room, a dining area, and a cozy spot for casual conversation. 

Make sure there’s a clear ‘flow’ throughout the house, especially if you plan to entertain in multiple rooms.

Outdoor theater setup for game viewing

Set up an outdoor theater to watch the game on a large screen, creating an immersive experience for your guests. You can use a projector and a large outdoor screen or even a simple projector/sheet combo. 

Comfortable seating arrangements and a good sound system are essential to ensure everyone can enjoy the game.

Football-inspired home accessories

Incorporating football-inspired home accessories into your living space is a fun way to showcase your love for the sport and add a touch of personality to your home.

Wall art

Display your passion for football through wall art, such as posters, framed photographs, or even canvas prints featuring your favorite players, team logos, or memorable moments from the game.

Football rug

Add a football-themed rug to your living room or home office to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Look for designs that feature team colors, logos, or football-inspired patterns.

Desk accessories

Show off your team pride with football-themed desk accessories, such as a football-shaped paperweight, a football mouse pad, or a football-shaped pen holder.

Dedicated “football” chair

Choose a football-themed office chair with a team logo or colors, or opt for a more abstract design with a football-shaped pattern to enhance your football home decor.

Football lamps illuminate your love of the game

Illuminate your space with a football-inspired lamp featuring a base shaped like a football or a lampshade adorned with team logos or colors.

By incorporating these football-inspired home accessories into your living space, you can create a unique and personalized environment that reflects your passion for the sport.

Game-day essentials

To fully enjoy the football season, make sure to have some game-day essentials on hand – things no game-watching experience would be complete without. 

Comfortable clothes and spirit gear

Dress in comfortable clothes that show your team spirit, such as team jerseys, t-shirts, or even accessories like hats and scarves. You can also opt for more casual outfits, like athletic shorts or jeans, paired with a team-themed shirt or jacket.

Stadium seating and smart TV setup

Create a comfortable viewing area for watching the game, complete with stadium-style layered seating or a cozy couch. The TV must be set up for optimal viewing, with the screen positioned to avoid glare and a good sound system to enhance the experience. 

If you’re hosting a watch party, consider setting up multiple screens or even an outdoor theater for a more immersive experience.

Themed dining accessories

No game day is complete without a selection of delicious snacks and drinks. Use team colors for the napkins or paper plates with their logo. Don’t forget to include some refreshing beverages, both alcoholic and non. Create or look up a themed mixed drink that’s appropriate to your team to really make the day special. 

Outdoor football decor

Embrace the excitement of football season by incorporating outdoor football decor (and don’t forget to have an actual football on hand for commercial breaks!)

Fall football decor for porch and exterior

Decorate your line of scrimmage—sorry, we meant the front porch—with football-themed elements, such as team-colored doormats, banners, or even a football-shaped wreath. You can also add a touch of gridiron-whimsy by repurposing a football field table runner as a vertical decoration. 

Mixing fall elements like pumpkins and seasonal flowers with football decor creates a welcoming and spirited entrance for your home.

Football picks for fall floral arrangements

Add a touch of football flair to your fall floral arrangements by incorporating football picks. These picks feature wooden footballs on thin metal poles and can be paired with faux greenery or placed in flower pots for game-day displays. 

Get ready for the football season with Homefinity

Embracing football season through home decor and seasonal decorating allows you to create a welcoming and festive atmosphere that celebrates your passion for the sport. 

Elevate your celebration of the great game of football by embracing the pride of homeownership with the assistance of Homefinity. 

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